How to get rid of a stone on your teeth

How to get rid of a stone on your teeth
Stones – small formations on the inside or outside of the tooth, rough to the touch. Like caries, they contribute to the destruction of the tooth. Despite the assurances of dentists, you can get rid of them by means not only of traditional medicine.

Запаситесь терпением. На излечение вам потребуется около of the month. Instant Results after The first session you will not feel, but be sure: gradually the stones will dissolve and leave you alone.

Stock up on fresh strawberries. Neither in the form of jam, nor frozen, a berry of this effect will not. Well, if near your house there is an ecologically clean forest or forest park, but you can buy berries with hands. There is no particular difference, it is important that she does not undergo thermal or chemical treatment before your visit.

Crush the berry in a bowl. Sit down, throw your head back. Spoon the mass of the crushed berries on the areas affected by the stone. Sit a few minute. It is important not to lick the mass with the tongue, although the formed saliva will wash it off.

Repeat the procedure several times a day (up to ten), giving it 10-15 minutes at a time. Do applications of strawberries need every day until the stones disappear completely. Usually, disease leaves per month.

Continue brushing your teeth regularly, on both sides (inside and outside), for 1-2 minutes. Due to constant friction raid and the stone can not be deposited and increased in sizesAnd so, возобновления disease will not.

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