How to get rid of a stain after a burn

How to get rid of a stain after a burn
After thermal and chemical burns, stains, called secondary hyperpigmentation of the skin, are often left behind. Sometimes people can not get rid of such marks for several years. In some cases, they eventually disappear, but sometimes you have to look for comprehensive means to remove them. It all depends on the depth of the skin, its area and the individual characteristics of the body.

You will need
  • -картофель;
  • -aloe;
  • -lemon;
  • -cucumber;
  • -петрушка;
  • -sea buckthorn oil.
That there were no spots after a burn, they should be correct heal: dried to protect against infections, remove inflammation, timely and regularly lubricate the ointments intended for this purpose. In this case, the cells will be actively updated and there will be no traces of the burn.

Для более быстрого исчезновения пятна защищайте в месте повреждения от воздействия прямых солнечных лучей. Для этого перед выходом на улицу смазывайте пятно солнцезащитным кремом. Не стоит в такой ситуации загорать и посещать солярий.

Take advantage of folk remedies:

With potatoes, wipe the injured place, cutting it into slices, and you can grate it on the grater and apply it to the skin.

Apply a leaf of aloe, peeled from one side of the skin, to the skin or rub the place of the burn with the juice of this plant.

Add the lemon juice to the cream that you always use, and thickly cover the skin with it.

Even better, if you make a special mask. Combine a little butter and beeswax (2: 1), warm it in a water bath, cool, add lemon juice and apply to the skin. This remedy softens and nourishes the skin, and also has a whitening effect.

For a month, lubricate the place of the former burn облепиховым маслом. It acts, according to the healers, even on the long-lasting marks of burns.

Apply a piece of fresh cucumber or a slurry to the damaged area.

Листья петрушки разомните и наложите на кожу как компресс.

To combat the traces of burns, there are also many pharmacological drugs – creams and serums with the effect of peeling and bleaching, which you can easily buy at the pharmacy. Of course, you can immediately not notice the effect of their application, but after regular use for a couple of months you will see the difference. These agents destroy the excessive formation of pigment and reduce the production of melanin.

If the deeper layers of the skin have been damaged by the burn, you will probably not be able to cope with the burns yourself with the help of the given means. In this case, contact a dermatologist who will prescribe the examinations you need and send them to the procedures.

You can also go to a good cosmetologist. In modern clinics for the removal of pigmented spots of different origin use the surface and deep peeling (peeling), cryomassage with liquid nitrogen, alexandrite laser, phototherapy, and the like. The laser beam also destroys the pigmentation and the spot becomes significantly lighter. For this purpose, injection methods of mesotherapy can be used, when a special drug destroying the pigment is injected into the skin.

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