How to get rid of a keloid scar

How to get rid of a keloid scar
Keloid scars are the formations that arise as a result of the destruction of the skin. As a rule, they have a reddish or bright pink color. To get rid of such scars is completely impossible, but with proper treatment and care, you can make them almost invisible.

You will need
  • – витамин Е в капсулах;
  • – the grass of mocrica;
  • – olive oil;
  • – St. John's wort oil;
  • – oil of incense;
  • – tea tree oil;
  • – Rosemary oil.
To remove keloid scars use conservative treatment. These are various ointments and gels that need to be treated with a scar surface. Such drugs can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

In the fight against scars use cryotherapy, laser skin correction, physiotherapy procedures, which are often supplemented and drug treatment. Before choosing a suitable method, you need to consult a doctor.

To make scarring less appreciable it is possible and the help of prescriptions of national medicine. Every day, rub vitamin E into the damaged area of ??the skin, and soon you will begin to notice that the skin becomes lighter, and the scar itself is less noticeable.

Watch your food. Include in the diet protein products. Zinc is very important for the treatment of scars, so make sure that your menu includes products such as cheese, beef, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin.

In the summer, fresh scars must be protected from direct sunlight, as this causes tissue growth and an increase in the scar.

Butter is able to soften the tissues of the scar. To make it, you need to put the grass of this plant in a glass jar. Pour it with olive oil and leave for two weeks in the fridge. Then strain the mixture. The resulting extract is placed in a vial of dark glass. The substance can be stored for about six months. Compresses from this oil must be done every day.

If the keloid scar causes pain, then it can be removed by lubricating the affected area of ??the skin with St. John's wort oil. This procedure should be done twice a day.

Essential oils are also considered very useful. Prepare a mixture of equal amounts of the oils of incense, rosewood and rosemary. Apply the mixture to the affected area of ??the skin with a cotton swab.

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