How to get rid of a dirty mucus

How to get rid of a dirty mucus
Wet or water calluses appear if a person rubs his feet with uncomfortable shoes or works intensively with a tool, rubbing his hands or fingers. Subcutaneous tissue is damaged, a fluid is formed, often with the addition of blood, a painful swelling appears. It must be treated promptly, otherwise the bubble will turn into a dry one corn with core. It will not be easy to get rid of it.

You will need
  • -alcohol;
  • -needle;
  • -green;
  • -облепиховое масло;
  • -Sintomycin emulsion;
  • -bactericidal plaster;
  • -hydrogen peroxide;
  • -фурацилин;
  • -manganese;
  • -sea salt;
  • -garlic;
  • -propolis;
  • -sap;
  • -tea mushroom;
  • celandine.
If you have a painful water callus, gently rinse this place with soap and water and disinfect with alcohol. Observing sterility, puncture the corn with a needle, squeeze out the liquid, then treat the puncture site greenery, облепиховым маслом или синтомициновой эмульсией и перебинтуйте. Можно также нанести на мозоль мазь with antibiotic local action, which is sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

Многие люди советуют заклеивать такую мозоль бактерицидным пластырем. Но следует учитывать, что под пластырем кожа перегревается, отмокает и отслаивается. Если мозоль свежая, вряд ли это нужно. Срезать кожу не рекомендуется, чтобы в открытую рану не попала инфекция.

Wet corns can also be treated with hydrogen peroxide or furacilin, and then bandaged. Wipe the sore spot with an antiseptic and change the bandage at least several times a day.

It is useful with such a blister to make baths with potassium permanganate. Dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in warm water so that the water becomes a little pink, add a little bit of salt or sea salt, and hold your foot with the callus (it will not hurt, of course, to immerse both) for 15-20 minutes. It is better not to wipe feet, but to dry naturally. This bath will make the skin soft, relieve burning and pain.

It is well-known for such a popular way of getting rid of such calluses, as garlic appliques. Bake the head in the oven, cut in half and tie a piece to the corn for the night.

Небольшое количество прополиса перемешайте с любым маслом (должно получиться, как тесто), приложите к мозоли. Это средство должно находиться на поверхности мозоли сутки.

Try to get rid of corn using a dairy Indian mushroom (also known as a tea mushroom). Ask some of your friends for a ready-made starter or do it yourself. In the resulting composition, moisten the bandage and attach it to the corn. Top this wrap with a piece of polyethylene and bandage.

You can use coniferous grease. Take some resin, warm it in your hand, flatten it and attach it to the sore spot.

Very well helps in the treatment of a painful wet callus celandine. Lubricate the problem area with juice from its leaves or stems several times a day.

To prevent the formation of such calluses, doctors recommend taking vitamin A, which contributes to the normal formation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. To replenish the content of this vitamin, you can either use the appropriate products (carrots, beets, onions, apricots, apples, grapes, legumes, dog-rose, sea buckthorn, etc.), or ready-made vitamin complexes with an emphasis on the antioxidant you need.

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