How to get out tattooing

How to get out tattooing
Tattooing helps to emphasize the beauty of eyebrows, eyelashes, with his help you can distinguish eyelids, make more outlined and saturated lips. The applied dyes eventually wash out on their own, they have to be updated. If there is a desire to remove the tattoo before the time, you need to contact the beauty salon to the master who carried out the application.

If you want to get rid of tattoo, do not try to do it yourself. Your attempts will not bring the desired result, home use of any methods can cause serious damage to the skin of the face.

The safest, most reliable, completely painless method removal of tattooing Is the use of laser correction. The procedure is quite expensive, but allows you to quickly remove the damage tattoo, reducing side effects in the form of redness and crusts to a minimum. Laser removal is carried out in any beauty salon equipped with modern medical devices.

No less popular method of removing tattooing is applying a new tattoo of flesh color. The dye penetrates deep under the skin and helps to completely remove the previously applied tattoo. In this case, sunbathing after the procedure is not recommended. If the skin color changes, the inflicted skin tone will look whitish.

Surgical method of getting rid of tattooing, or dermabrasion – is cutting the skin around the dye and excising it with a scalpel. Such a method can lead to serious complications, deep scars, therefore it is carried out only in exceptional cases.

Chemical removal of tattooing with acids and salts also refers to unsafe, but rather effective methods of removing tattoo from the skin of the face. It is in the partial burning of the skin along with the applied dye, which can lead to deep scars and scarring.

The last method of tattoo removal is electrocoagulation. With the help of high impulses of electric current, the tattoo completely disappears, but the scars after burns remain for a long time the main decoration of the skin of the face.

Absolutely safe methods of tattoo removal do not exist, so before applying any tattoo, think carefully about whether you need it and what you will do if you want to change the image or the moody fashion will change and the styles will be completely different.

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