How to get out of black hair color

How to get out of black hair color
Recolor black hair in another color is problematic. It is not always possible to get the desired result from the first time. Especially do not rely on a gorgeous white color, you can achieve it only with 3-4 staining. With red shades, everything is much simpler, but there are also some nuances. Before you radically change the color of your hair, think about whether you really need it.

If your hair have not been previously painted, change their color to red or chocolate can be in domestic conditions. Apply the paint to volos for the entire length and hold as much as written in the instructions. Of course, the ideal color maybe it will not work the first time, but the shade will change from black to reddish.

If you previously dyed hair в черный цвет, лучше подождите около двух месяцев или предварительно осветлите hair. Then paint them in a different color. You can use the service of a hairdresser who, with the help of a special tool, will "wash" the black color. После чего можете смело перекрашивать hair.

Staining in light or white tones will take longer. Black is not easily discolored, but it does not apply to the natural color of the hair. If you have never used paint, then you can rely on the result, which is indicated on the back of the package with the paint. But the ideal white color, most likely, will not work.

If you painted hair in black, it is worth the patience to change color потребуется около трех месяцев, ведь paint can be no more than once a month. Especially this rule applies to clarifying agents. After each staining, hair color will lighten on 2-4 tone. And of course, in a hairdresser's совершать такую процедуру гораздо безопаснее, чем в Home conditions. Professional paints are easier to defeat black color than those that are on store shelves.

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