How to gain weight

How to gain weight
Fitness clubs, millions of diets, services of psychologists, medical products, aesthetic surgery today is entirely at the service of people who dream of losing weight. But in addition to those who are obese, there are those who suffer from a deficiency in body weight. Lack of weight is a direct threat to health, and for women – also infertility. How to gain the missing kilograms?


Сядьте на диету. Ешьте не менее 5-6 раз в день, не допуская появления чувства голода и отдавая предпочтение белково-углеводной пище. Постепенно увеличивайте порции еды.


Thoroughly plan your daily menu. It is very important that half of the diet is protein food: lean meat, poultry, eggs. Drink fatty sour-milk products, daily eat cottage cheese. All this will help faster нарастить мышцы.


Feel free to use white bread, pasta with a variety of sauces, potatoes, natural honey and sweets. Drink more often, giving preference to such drinks as tea with whole milk, milkshakes, nectars and juices with pulp, coffee with sugar and cream.


Do not forget about fats. Dress salads with olive oil (by the way, it has a lot of vitamin E, called a vitamin of beauty), sesame or mustard. But to lean on bacon and fried pork ribs still not worth it. Have pity on your blood vessels and liver.

Physical exercise

Go to the gym. No one wants the calories obtained with enhanced nutrition to be put off by ugly fatty loams on abdomen, buttocks, hands и hips. And, therefore, it is necessary to turn them into beautiful elastic and elastic muscles.

Engage in power simulators, perform various presses, attacks and flies, push-ups. Pay attention to the exercise bike, rowing machine, stepper. Swim more often.


Adjust your mode. Determine the time when you eat, when you work, when you rest, when you sleep (at least 8 hours per day). The organism will be grateful to you.

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