How to gain weight to a girl

How to gain weight to a girl
In order to gain weight, the girl needs to follow a certain diet. It is important not only to adhere to the changed diet, but also in every way to stimulate the appetite. It is necessary to change the way of life.

Before each meal, drink a glass of fruit or vegetable juice to stimulate appetite. If you like non-alcoholic beer, then drink, it also helps to increase appetite. Divide the daily ration into 5-6 meals. The intervals between meals should be equal and sufficient, so that you do not begin to experience hunger. In case of a sensation of hunger, make sure you have a snack.

После обеда обеспечьте себе небольшой отдых на полчаса. Сидячее или лежачее положение тела даст возможность организму better digest food. It is best to have a little sleep in the afternoon.

For weight gain, stick to the protein-carbohydrate diet. Eat meat, fish, eggs. Highly useful chicken meat, it is easily digested and will give the body a large amount of protein. Dairy products with a high fat content must necessarily be part of your diet. Eat kefir, fermented baked milk and cottage cheese every day.

Eat carbohydrate food: potatoes, sugar, honey, confectionery, pasta, wheat bread, etc.

Eat high-calorie foods with high nutritional value: beans, beans, peas, lentils, rice, nuts, seeds, dried fruits. Give up fast food, it can cause disruptions in the body.

In the diet must be present and vegetable fats. Eat salads, dressed with olive, soy or sunflower oil. They contain vitamin E, the main assistant in the processes of metabolism. Be sure to drink vitamin-mineral complex. Drink 2-3 liters of fluid per day.

Attend the gym. The main emphasis is necessary делать on exercises for hands and feet. Do it with a barbell, with dumbbells, add push-ups, swings and lunges with your legs. Be sure to use an exercise bike, a treadmill, an ellipse, a stepper during the workout. Attend the pool.

Соблюдение всех этих conditions muscle mass, and you will see a nice relief on hands и legs. In the event that the measures taken have not produced results, it is worthwhile to see a doctor and undergo a complete examination of the body. Often the cause, not giving thin girls пополнеть – сбой в обмене веществ.

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