How to gain weight quickly

How to gain weight quickly
Sometimes you just need to gain weight. For example, before a difficult operation, the rehabilitation process takes less time. People who play sports sometimes also need 5-7 extra pounds. But how to achieve this? In principle, everything is simple, the main thing is to make a little effort.

Switch to six meals. It is not necessary to eat a lot, enough and normal servings, but high-calorie food. Include in your daily diet foods rich in protein, because it is from them and the weight increases. Eat a variety of dishes, so that the body has enough of all the necessary substances that must come along with food.

Make a milkshake with a raw egg for breakfast. Pour the cooled milk into the mixer, add a few favorite fruits, sugar and honey, as well as one chicken egg. Mix everything well and drink. If a cocktail with raw eggs does not appeal to you, have breakfast with curd or yogurt. It is important that in the morning dairy products enter the body, then the weight will gradually increase.

Если у вас есть возможность, то купите специальные коктейли в любом магазине для athletes или в обычной аптеке, если, конечно, они там есть в наличии. С помощью коктейлей можно добиться неплохих результатов очень быстро.

Grow only fat mass is not necessary, play sports so that muscles also increase in volume. Swing the press, run, press or enter the gym. Especially if you eat well, you will need to spend energy, otherwise you will simply not have an appetite.

Take vitamins throughout the diet. A good effect will have drugs for athletes. They contain many useful micronutrients that help increase muscle mass.

Если вес у вас не прибывает, проконсультируйтесь с терапевтом, возможно, что врач назначит вам препараты, которые провоцируют набор массы тела. Принимать их без назначения крайне опасно.

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