How to gain weight in 2018 year

How to gain weight in 2018 year
Most people dream of losing weight. However, there are those who yearn to recover. For too thin people is often not so easy to replenish. Sometimes it's much harder than losing weight. But for gaining weight, there are still some ways. How to recover?

You will need
  • Правильный режим, работа с тяжестями, калорийное питание.
Add weight not only contributes to food. but a whole set of factors. First, you need to eat five times a day at the same time. Food can not be fast to swallow. On the contrary, each piece should be chewed slowly and thoroughly.
Before eating, you need to walk a bit in the fresh air. After eating, relax and lie down. Sleep more, do not eat strong tea, coffee, do not get nervous.

To gain weight, of course, you need to enlarge количество потребляемых калорий. Но это не sothat you have to pounce on fatty cakes, hamburgers and chips. Food should stay healthy, because you need not fat, but muscle.
Увеличьте порции. Выбирайте те продкуты, в которых содержится больше калорий. Например, мучное, не обезжиренное, а 3,5% молоко, сливочное butter, fat cottage cheese, etc. Weave more meat, cheese, nuts.
Fruit will help in the fight for extra pounds. Eat melon, grapes, apricots and peaches. Have a snack between meals. Pamper yourself with ice cream. To add every half a kilogram of weight, you need to additionally eat 3 500 calories. Here also consider.

That get better, можно записаться в спортзал. Три раза в week, а то и больше, поднимайте тяжести. Подберите такой вес, который вы сможете поднять 6-8 раз за один подход. Всего подходов надо do three. It is best to hire a personal trainer. He will choose a special set of exercises.

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