How to gain weight in 2017 year

How to gain weight in 2017 year
Problems of excess weight there are many, but some have to deal with excessive leanness. Often, to gain body weight, requires a comprehensive approach.

You will need
  • desire to get rid of thinness and patience
Стимулируйте appetite before each meal. Do it can разными способами – пейте минеральную воду, фруктовые соки, молочные коктейли. Они запустят работу желудка, соответственно, начнет вырабатываться желудочный сок, появится аппетит.

Eat regularly, but at least 6 once a day. With this принимать food is needed at the same time, if you really want dial вес. Три раза в день – на завтрак, lunch and dinner – eat hot food, three more times a day you need a snack, preferably with vegetables and fruits.

Give food to digest – eat, lie on the couch, do not start immediately to actively move or engage in some kind of business. The body must assimilate the food, help him.

Drink as much as possible more liquid, ideally 2-3 liters. It can be tropical juices, fatty milk, cranberry juice, which has a high energy value. The more high-calorie beverages you consume, the faster you will be able to gain weight.

Eat foods that have high energy value. In other words, give preference to high-calorie dishes. Eat meat, fish, bakery products, dairy products (milk and sour cream, cottage cheese and butter), you can afford any desserts, fatty yogurts and so on.

Try to gradually increase your portions of consumed food. For example, what was previously eaten as an independent dish, make a side dish, and add a salad dressed with vegetable or corn oil.

Take multivitamin complexes that will bring in the body extra calories and undoubted benefits in the form of vitamins и минералов. Желательно перед покупкой такого препарата проконсультироваться со специалистом.

Do sports, train the body, in addition to the mass, it acquired a beautiful relief. Be patient and persistent, you will certainly succeed in this difficult matter.

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