How to gain weight for pregnancy

How to gain weight for pregnancy
During pregnancy a woman can gain extra pounds. To prevent this from happening, try to lead an active lifestyle and watch yourself. This will help not only look great even with a big belly, but also feel great.

Eat right from the first day of pregnancy. Do not eat in double portions, arguing that you need to eat for two and get more useful substances. Eliminate from the diet of harmful and fatty foods that contain many carcinogens and salts – they provoke the development of edema, and the weight from them comes very quickly.

Do not eat white bread and buns. Replace these foods with slices, black bread. Sweets used in limited quantities, replace them with dried fruits, honey (if there is no allergy). Excluding from the diet of a portion of foods rich in carbohydrates, weight will stop gaining. In some cases this is enough to even slightly grow thin.

Take vitamin complexes for pregnant women. Consult the doctor who leads your pregnancy. When all the necessary microelements enter the body, the metabolism is normalized, the appetite weakens, which helps to not gain excess weight. But do not forget that taking any medication without prescribing a doctor, including vitamin supplements, is extremely dangerous.

Если у вас нет угрозы выкидыша, занимайтесь спортом. Нет, не нужно поднимать тяжести, изматывать себя на тренажерах. Запишитесь на курсы для беременных, вам там все покажут и расскажут, что и how to do. Check with your gynecologist if you have any abnormalities that may serve as a contraindication for gymnastics. Doctors do not always say all the details unless they are asked about it.

After childbirth breastfeed. Natural feeding promotes speedy weight loss. And the baby will receive all the necessary substances for growth and development. Well, if you have recovered greatly, go to an endocrinologist or a dietician, you will develop a program for losing weight or prescribe special medications.

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