How to fundamentally change yourself: consultation of a psychologist in 2018 year

How to fundamentally change yourself: consultation of a psychologist in 2018 year
It is always human nature to change something. People try to change their appearance, habits, environment, work place and environment. Many of these minor changes are completely satisfactory, but there are those who want to radically change themselves and change their lives. To do this is not so difficult, especially if you are full of determination.

Start to change internally. Reconsider all your views on life. Try to treat everything easier and not worry about trifles. Take a piece of paper, divide it into two parts, on one side write down all your good character traits, and on the other – bad ones. Look at what qualities you got more. Work on your negative qualities and bad habits, if you have the opportunity, completely get rid of them.

Поработайте над своими манерами поведения и общения. Если вы сильно стеснительны, постарайтесь это изменить. Прочитайте несколько интересных и познавательных книг, запомните пару новых шуток, будьте всегда в курсе событий. Не бойтесь поддерживать разговор, смело задавайте и отвечайте на вопросы. Никогда не грубите людям, даже если они вас на это провоцируют. Чаще улыбайтесь, и вы заметите, как все хорошее начнет к вам притягиваться.

Arrange at home a reshuffle, let the new interior of the rooms will bring you only positive emotions. Do it already, what for so long dreamed, but could not realize for various reasons. Do not be afraid of difficulties and fulfill all your most cherished desires. You immediately feel how you have confidence in yourself and in your abilities. All this will raise your self-esteem and give joy, and, consequently, you will "blossom" in front of the others.

Take care of your wardrobe. Look at what style you have prevailed before, and change it. If you prefer jeans and sneakers, then it's time to go to skirts and heels. Parting with your old things, without hesitation, because you decided to change dramatically, therefore, nothing of your life should not remind you of the past. Unfortunately, not everyone can fully update the wardrobe. But there is a way out. Get some new things, and change the others yourself. For example, short skirts shorten, from the trousers make breeches, and repaint your favorite blouse in a new color. If you know how to sew or knit, it will not be very difficult for you to create a new original thing that the others will not have.

Visit the hairdresser and beauty salons. Pay special attention to your appearance. Change your hair style or color. For example, you can turn of blonde в брюнетку or red-haired or vice versa. If you have short hair, if you want, you can build them up and surprise everyone around with long and luxurious curls. Long-haired girls can easily experiment with short haircuts.

Подберите для себя новый макияж. Пробуйте самые разнообразные сочетания красок и ничего не бойтесь. Посетите профессионального косметолога, он подскажет вам несколько наиболее выгодных и подходящих для вас вариантов макияжа. При помощи косметики вы всегда сможете выглядеть по-разному, создавая тот или иной образ.

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