How to force yourself not to eat much in 2018 year

How to force yourself not to eat much in 2018 year
Often banal overeating is the cause of fatty folds and excess weight, and as a result – low self-esteem and constant stress. Stresses, in turn, are also often treated with harmful delicacies, and sometimes it seems that this vicious circle is absolutely impossible to unlock! However, having shown a certain willpower, one can make his food varied and moderate, and the figure – slim and fit. So, how much less is there?

Во-первых, прислушайтесь к his organism. What foods cause you heaviness and digestive problems? Find strength to abandon them and replace with something more easy and useful. For example, replacing fat milk on the low-fat will affect the taste sensations very slightly, but it will greatly facilitate the work of your digestive system. Also choose cheeses with less fat, give up fried meat, and instead get a steamer or love stew.

Learn correctly combine dishes – it is more useful (and much tastier!) to use proteins and "heavy" carbohydrates separately. Meat should be served with fresh or lightly steamed vegetables, and from the usual side dish in the form of starches (potatoes, rice) should be discarded – such a load on the stomach is unbearable and it sends undigested food further along the intestines, causing accumulation of toxins and decay processes.

Reduce the usual portions first to one and a half, and then twice. Eat them slowly, thoroughly chewing food and enjoying it taste и aroma. Surprisingly, even when you are hungry, have started to eat and have received the necessary amount of nutrients, the brain is able to understand this not at once, but only through 20, or even all 30 minutes! Therefore, slow eating – first шаг к здоровому телу и сбалансированному питанию без переедания.

Подумайте и оцените, в what Atmosphere you usually have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It should be quiet, pleasant and calm. Well, if there is a lot of space and light around, in such an atmosphere you will not hurry and will enjoy your meal longer. Try not to include TV and music – it distracts the brain, and as a result, you unnoticed eat much more.

Drink plenty of water – very often our body takes a thirst for hunger and we try escape from this feeling at least some snack, when for a couple of hours we can saturate one glass of water without gas! Do not drink immediately after eating cold drinks – scientists have proved that it is able to "push" the food that has just arrived further along the digestive tract, and it simply does not have time to digest. The feeling of hunger in this case comes much faster, and as a result ends in obesity.

Самое плотное принятие пищи – это завтрак. Даже если вы привыкли выпивать одну чашку кофе, начинайте постепенно увеличивать порцию рациона для завтрака. Сначала готовьте себе кашу или мюсли и съедайте их, даже не испытывая чувство голода – углеводы не дадут проголодаться до самого обеда и зарядят энергией. Затем добавьте кусочек сыра, затем и фрукт. Так вы приучите себя не объедаться во время обеда и ужина. Ешьте чаще, но совсем небольшими порциями – это наладит работу желудка и кишечника, и пища будет перевариваться fast and easy.

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