How to follow the honey diet

How to follow the honey diet
Honey is a sweet drug, a natural medicine containing many valuable substances. This delicious and fragrant product is used not only to strengthen immunity, treat certain diseases, but also reduce weight. The honey diet will be a godsend for sweeties that are not able to give up delicacies even at the time of getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Honey diet – a novelty, which belongs to the category of carbohydrate diets. It allows to strengthen health, to put in order a figure. This diet is easier to transfer, because the presence of sweet in the diet does not strike sharply on the level of glucose in the blood of a person. Reset with a honey program can up to 10 kg for one month.

Honey by itself contributes to the burning of hated fats, because this product contributes to the cleavage of lipids. This natural antidepressant normalizes the acidity of the gastric juice, as a result of which the fat cells do not settle in the human body. Quality honey is useful because it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. And this moment also helps to lose weight.

Tasty and healthy honey has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive system. It stimulates mental activity, the product also helps to preserve the beauty of the skin, hair, nails. To lose weight on a honey diet, it is important to revise your diet and exclude products containing starch from it. This is the first rule of the honey weight loss program.

Diet on honey is built on the fact that this product is best combined with sour-milk and dairy products. Therefore, they are necessarily present in the diet of slimming. Also, in order to prevent a deficiency of vitamins, it is important to consume fruits and vegetables on the honey diet, focusing on foods rich in vitamin A and fiber. They will promote the intensive splitting of fat, improve the digestive system.

With the honey diet from the menu, you need to exclude any products containing sugar. There are several options for such a system of weight loss, they all limit the caloric content of a daily diet to 1200 kcal. The duration of the honey diet, as well as the menu can vary.

One of the popular variations of the honey diet is a two-day unloading system. It is also called a honey-lemon diet. It involves the exclusion of any food, except for the use of a refreshing lemonade. Drink for weight loss is prepared as follows: 3 l of water is taken 70 g honey, juice 15 lemons. The liquid is preferably divided into six receptions and to drink it during the day. Such a "hungry" diet on honey is contraindicated in gastritis and ulcers.

Less difficult is the classic honey program to dump excess kilos. By the time of such a diet should be adhered to one to three weeks. The essence is this: before each meal, you need to eat a teaspoon of natural honey. The diet should include five meals a day, and the volume of one portion should not exceed 200. Preference should be given freshly squeezed juices, vegetables and fruits (except bananas, grapes, potatoes, persimmons, apricots), porridge on the water. Food can be boiled or stewed.

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