How to fix the face

How to fix the face
Official evening on the nose, you need to look perfect, but it does not work out – fatigue is stronger than you. What to do?

The exhausted woman will be given an exhausted face. So, before visiting a party, you need to bring your face in order. At the same time, refresh yourself. Do not hurry apply makeup, even if you are in a hurry. Beforehand, make a mask of oatmeal flakes filled with water to dissolve. In this slurry add a little lemon juice (a few drops). Then put the mask on your face, for about X minutes on 10, and rinse with warm water. Your skin will look better and fresh.

Same effect is achieved by massaging the skin of the face and neck with a slice of fresh apple. Just a few seconds, no longer necessary – and your skin will noticeably tighten, will get a healthy glow.

"But what about the sudden pimple that jumped in a prominent place?" – you ask. Sorry, uninstall pimple without trace it is impossible, but here will help hike to the make-up artist. It will not take you much time.

If you have a very short time, and a pimple ripens on your face, malignantly standing out on the skin – help yourself by mixing a bit of liquid corrector with a drop of moisturizing lotion. Mark lotion does not matter. This composition нейтрализует покраснение, появляющееся after extrusion acne. It is applied in any accessible way – at least with a brush, at least with fingers.

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