How to fix the electric curler

How to fix the electric curler
Today, there are many tools and devices for styling hair. Electro-curlers are a rather convenient way of creating a voluminous hairdo or curls, but you often can not use them – you can ruin your hair.

Чтобы ваши волосы после укладки с помощью электробигудей выглядели естественно и долго держали форму, важно правильно их закреплять. Незадолго до укладки подключите бигуди к розетке, чтобы они успели нагреться до нужной температуры. Обычно это занимает от 15 до 30 минут. Большинство производителей оснащают свою продукцию лампочкой-индикатором, которая поможет вам определить, можно ли использовать бигуди, или нужно еще подождать.

Wash and completely dry your head. Do not wind the electric hair curlers on damp hair. Then divide the strands into four parts: front (from the crown to the bangs), two side (comb all the hair to the back of the neck), and the back, which includes only those locks that are located below the level of the ears.

At the front, wind the largest diameter curler. The larger their diameter, the larger the thickness of the strand must be curled. Use smaller curlers for the side and neck.

Divide the hair into several parts, not by straight cutting, but by zigzagging. So, after you remove the curlers, the hairstyle does not fall apart into separate curls, but will look natural.

Take a curl, comb it and lightly sprinkle with hairspray. After that, wind it on the curlers from the tip to the roots. Secure the curlers with special pins, clips or crabs that come with the kit. Crabs and clips should be simply unclipped and fastened, fastening hair. The hairpin must be carefully passed through the strand, making movements up and down, as if you are sewing. It is important to do this in the same direction in which you wind the hair, that is, to the roots, so it will be better to stick and not fall out. So that there is no burn left on the scalp, place a cotton swab under the curlers.

Завейте все волосы на бигуди, а сверху наденьте сеточку для волос. Подождите несколько минут (для каждого типа в инструкции указано разное время), а затем распустите волосы. Слегка расчешите кудри и зафиксируйте укладку лаком.

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