How to fix the breast after feeding

How to fix the breast after feeding
Almost all women after completion of breastfeeding notice that chest loses its former form and beauty and saggers, and stretch marks appear on the skin. However, do not despair, because it is possible to correct this situation, although this will require a lot of effort from you.

It is worth noting that to avoid problems with chestю after feeding можно, если позаботится об этом еще во время of pregnancy. First of all, pregnant and nursing should wear quality underwear, designed specifically for them, and not ordinary bras. In addition, you can perform simple exercises on the muscles of the chest and use special creams from stretch marks.

After finishing feeding chestю нужно начинать работать над ее формой и состоянием кожи. Подтянуть chest simple exercises will help. For example, you can reduce the palm of your hand at the chest level (like the prayers), raise your elbows and begin to push your hands against each other with force, and then relax your muscles. You can also link your fingers in the lock and stretch your arms to the sides. You need to do two or three approaches to 20-30 repetitions, because the exercises should be intense.

You can return the shape of the breast and with the help of push-ups, but it is important to take the correct starting position to pump not the hands, namely the pectoral muscles. Put your feet on some elevation so that your head is below the level of the feet when you put your hands on the floor. Now, do a couple of push-ups and see which muscles are straining. If you feel the tension in hands, move them closer to the head and spread them apart. You can also change the position of the palms, directing the fingers to the sides or to each other. Find a position, when the muscles of the chest will strain, and make 15 pushups. Then relax and repeat the exercise one or two more times.

Вы можете попробовать выполнять упражнения на грудные мышцы с небольшими гантелями. Возьмите их в руки, упритесь локтями в живот, but not in the sides, and do the lifting, 20-25 times per approach. Another exercise with dumbbells should be done this way: stand up straight, hands at the seams. Slowly raise your right arms to the sides, stay at the moment of the highest muscle strain, and then lower your arms. Repeat 20-30 times for the approach.

To restore the elasticity of the skin, you can use special creams and cosmetic masks, which include cucumber juice, honey, egg or clay. It is also useful to use scrubs daily and tough мочалками или щетками, которые сделают кожу плотнее и избавят от растяжек. Также хорошо влияют на состояние кожи груди растирания и похлопывания, стимулирующие приток крови.

Watch your diet. Give up salt food and drink at least two liters of clean water a day. This will help make your skin supple. Drink special vitamin complexes. Include in the diet as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. They are rich in fiber, which cleans the body, eliminating toxins. Such a diet, combined with proper body care and exercise, will not only restore your chest, but also help grow thin и улучшить здоровье кожи, nails and hair.

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