How to fix retracted nipples

How to fix retracted nipples
Approximately one in ten women are drawn inward nipples breasts. It does not cause any unpleasant sensations, but it creates inconvenience when breastfeeding. And many such women experience psychological discomfort associated with such a non-standard form. There are several ways that you can get rid of this problem

You will need
  • – Breast pump,
  • – специальный колпачок – аспиратор.
Щадящий метод, и наиболее приемлемый в domestic Conditions Take one breast in your left arm. Hands and chest should be clean, so as not to infect the infection.

Embrace with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand a halo around nipple and lightly press down. Nipple should seem from the outside. He may not go out during several procedures, later he will necessarily show up.

Massages nipples grinding movements with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand and pull nipple наружу в течение одной минуты.

Squeeze the nipple vertically with the thumbs of both hands. After a second, squeeze the same nipple horizontally.

Alternate the steps of 3 and 4 by repeating each step 5-6 times on each chest. Repeat this method 6-8 once a day. The result may appear only after a week or two, depending on the intensity of the massage and the shape of the nipple.

Use the breast pump. Put the breast pump on the chest.

Create vacuum around the nipple, имитируя отсос молока с помощью нажатия соответствующей кнопки в электрической молокоотсосе или сдавливая специальную резиновую грушу при механической варианте молокоотсоса.

Зажмите шланг подачи молока.

Keep the chest in this state for about 20-30 minutes. Repeat 3-5 once a day.

Use of special cap – aspiratorFit the cap aspirator tightly onto the breast halo so that the nipple can exit into the special chamber.

Create a vacuum in the cap. The nipple should come out, if it has not completely come out in the first procedure, it will happen in subsequent procedures. The vacuum pressure can be a bit unpleasant and painful.

Secure the cap with a patch on the chest. Его нужно носить по 30-40 минут 3-4 раза в день.Перед каждой процедурой нужно обтирать грудь полотенцем, смоченным в теплой воде. Руки нужно вымыть с мылом. При появлении трещин, раздражения или воспаления, nipples grease after each procedure with tetracycline, oxalic ointments or cream "Bepanten". Alcohol and iodine can not be used for these purposes, they can cause a chemical burn to the delicate skin.

В особо сложных случаях можно исправить форму сосков хирургическим способом с помощью пластической операции. Но это возможно лишь в период до наступления of pregnancy.

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