How to fix a broken nail

How to fix a broken nail
To become the owner of long and healthy nails in the blink of an eye can only allow build-up. And those who prefer natural beauty, you have to make a lot of efforts to save your nails from damage. Therefore, a broken nail is a double annoyance, which, fortunately, can not only be anticipated, but also effectively eliminated.



In extreme cases, a normal office scotch will allow you to save a manicure. It is necessary to cut off a small piece of scotch and gently apply its outer surface of the fracture. Do this carefully, so as not to remove the layer of nail polish from the surface of the nail. The protruding edges of the adhesive tape are neatly cut across the entire surface of the nail.

This nail repair is not an absolute salvation and allows you to save manicure in extreme situations for several hours. Later, the damaged nail should be either cut off or glued.

Nail polish

Minor damage to the nail can be glued using a fixing nail polish. Use this method is possible only if the damage is located on the overgrown part of the nail and does not affect the skin. To do this, you must first thoroughly wash your hands and degrease the surface damaged nail.

Before the procedure, the surface of the broken nail should be completely dry, so you can use a towel, napkins or even a hairdryer.

Using a toothpick, the fixing varnish is applied neatly to the surface of the damage. It is necessary to lubricate the product sufficiently deep to allow the glue to seize.

Then the surface of the damage is firmly pressed with the finger of the free hand, which allows squeezing out excess funds. They need to be removed from the surface of the nail with the help of a liquid to remove varnish and a cotton swab.

After drying, it will be necessary to apply the substrate to the varnish, and afterwards two more layers of the usual varnish. It should be remembered that such a method will allow for some time to preserve the length of the nail, but needs sparing conditions. In a few days the procedure is to be repeated.

Nails glue

A longer lasting effect is provided by ordinary household glue. To its application is also worth resorting only if the damage was formed on the overgrown part of the nail. When choosing a glue, it is necessary to pay attention to the component composition, which should contain cyanoacrylate – a fast-sticking component, which is contained, in particular, in the legendary glue "Moment".

The glue is similarly applied to the surface of the damaged nail with a toothpick. The only difference is that it is necessary to handle the glue very carefully so that in addition to the broken nail one can not get the glued fingers. After applying a layer of glue, you do not need to hold the place of damage with your fingers, it is better to confine yourself to a small amount of the tool and gently connect the damaged parts of the nail plate.

It is important to start applying the lacquer only after the glue has completely dried. If the remainder of the glue remains on the nail plate, they can be removed with the help of a nail polish remover or polishing file of a coarse fraction.

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