How to find your anti-aging remedy

How to find your anti-aging remedy
In the life of every woman, sooner or later there comes a time when she begins to notice the changes in herself. These changes do not always make it better and younger. Often, aging processes are reflected more on the face skin.

You will need
  • Creams, whey, means for peeling, cosmetic clay.
Take care of food. Man is what he eats. This truth is known to everyone, but not everyone follows it. All processes in the body depend on how healthy the owner is. The path to health is the right healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, and in general an active lifestyle, and proper nutrition, and the use of only those products that supply the body with all the necessary substances.

Of course, it is necessary to abandon bad habits, since smoking and alcohol drastically dehydrate the skin, which means that it accelerates its aging. It was proved that aging processes occur under the action of free radicals, and antioxidants are struggling with them. Antioxidants include vitamins E and C, beta-carotene, lycopene and linoleic acid. That is why it is necessary to include in the diet products containing a sufficient amount of these antioxidants. First of all, it is a variety of fruits, vegetables and berries: cabbage, spinach, beets, carrots, legumes, peppers, kiwi, grapes, cranberries, broccoli, citrus fruits, strawberries and others.

Also, products with a high content of antioxidants include chocolate, prunes, olive oil, flax seeds and turkey. In addition, I must say about the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water, since the skin most often loses its youth precisely because of a lack of moisture. It is exclusively about pure non-carbonated water, not part of tea and coffee.

Refer to folk remedies. Sometimes everything you need to care for the aging skin is at hand or in the refrigerator. You can use these products not only inside, but also outwardly. All sorts of home face masks also easily cope with the problem of skin dehydration. One of such effective masks is called "Cleopatra". To make it, you need cosmetic clay, suitable for your skin type, honey, lemon juice and fat-free sour cream. Mix all in equal proportions and mix thoroughly until a uniform mixture is formed. Then apply the mask on your face for 30 minutes and after half an hour rinse with warm water, and then rinse your face again, but already with a cool water.

Use creams and other cosmetics. As in the anti-aging methods listed above, all cosmetics intended for these purposes should, first of all, moisturize the skin. Here the cosmetic industry has long stepped forward and already offers for this not only the usual creams. The peeling procedure will perfectly prepare the skin for further exposure to creams and thus all useful substances are better absorbed by the epidermis.

In addition to the creams are great for moisturizing the skin and all sorts of serums. They can be used immediately after the moisturizer, so the skin will receive a double portion of the nutrients it needs so much. The habitual procedure of removing make-up can also become an assistant in the fight against aging, if you choose a moisturizer for this purpose. Of course, do not forget about moisturizing face masks, which are recommended to do once or twice a week.

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