How to find thick hair

How to find thick hair
For some, thick hair is a dream that can come true if you try a little. With proper and regular care of the scalp and curls, the problem of loss does not disturb. You will be helped both by natural and synthetic means.

You will need
  • – Shampoo;
  • – balm;
  • – mask;
  • – burdock;
  • – butter;
  • – vitamins and minerals.
Often hair becomes dull, rare and unhealthy if the head is not cleaned properly. Use only mild shampoo. Give preference to leading brands. The composition of expensive products includes components that nourish the bulbs. Wash your head in warm, but not hot water, so as not to overdry the skin. Hair dryer, ploic and other electrical appliances put aside – they damage the structure of the hair.

Dye your hair with quality dyes, which to a lesser extent destroy their structure. Better visit the beauty salon. If you are faced with falling curls, temporarily stop changing your natural color, and do not do chemistry or long-term styling.

Since ancient times, the root of burdock is famous for its properties. Brew dry raw materials in steep boiling water, rinse with a decoction of the head, when it slightly condenses. If you have the will and the time, make butter. Pour in glass containers near 300 g roots, pour with conventional refined oil and leave to infuse for 2 a week. Rub into the scalp three times a week, if you have tips, distribute the oil along the entire length.

Buy masks that are designed to strengthen hair. Use them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. For the purchase, go to the nearest pharmacy, and not to the supermarket. That's where you can buy medicines, not just cosmetic, which only temporarily improve the appearance of the hair.

Человек хорошо выглядит, когда полностью здоров и организму хватает всех необходимых микроэлементов. Принимайте мультивитамины и минералы. Рационально и правильно питайтесь. Обогатите свое меню молочными продуктами, ведь они богаты кальцием.

If the hair does not recover and do not stop falling out – go to the hospital. Take a blood test to the level of hormones. If any deviations are found, you will be given a course of therapy, after which everything will return to normal.

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