How to find out successful days for a hairstyle

How to find out successful days for a hairstyle
Since ancient times it is known that human hair is an important link connecting their possessor to cosmic forces. It is believed that hair nourishes a person with energy and vitality. That is why care must be taken with great responsibility. Hair should be cut only on certain days. Observance of this rule, according to astrologers, will help not only to preserve the beauty of the head of hear, but also to improve well-being and even change life for the better.

The phase of the Moon has a significant influence on the structure and appearance of the hair. If you want to speed up the growth of your hair, go to the hairdresser in the days of the waning moon. If you want to prevent their loss – in the days of the growing moon. Refuse the manipulation of hair in the days of the solar and lunar eclipses, New Moon, as well as 9, 15, 23 and 29 lunar day, considered satanic.

To find successful days for a hairstyle the special lunar horoscope developed by scientists-astrologers will help you. The days when the Moon is in the sign of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces are considered unfavorable for manipulating hair. Haircut made in one of these days, can lead to deterioration of the hair condition, their loss, the appearance of dandruff.

The haircut in the days when the Moon is in the sign of Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Lion and Sagittarius promises you a rapid hair growth, improving their structure and condition.

Astrologers believe that the luck and well-being of a person depend to some extent on the day of the week in which he decided to cut one's hair, as well as the day of the week of his birth.

A haircut on Monday will help you get rid of negativity and longing. People who were born on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, shearing in the first day of the week Not recommended.

Стрижка во вторник может не только кардинально изменить вашу внешность в лучшую сторону, но и сделать вашу жизнь намного интереснее и активнее. Не стригитесь в этот день, если вы родились в понедельник или пятницу.

On Wednesday, it is desirable to get a haircut for people who want to calm down, sort out something and establish good relations with the right people. This does not apply only to those born on Thursday.

To adjust social relations the haircut made on Thursday will help. The exception is people born on Wednesday.

People, except those who were born on Tuesday, wishing to change the circle of communication, better to get a haircut on Friday.

A very good day for hair cutting is Saturday. But if you were born on Sunday, choose another time to manipulate your hair.

Sunday is the most unfavorable for a visit to a hairdresser's day. If you do not want luck to turn away from you and all the cases that you started fail, plan a haircut on another day of the week.

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