How to find motivation for losing weight

How to find motivation for losing weight
You decided to lose weight, but the inviting scent of fresh baked goods drives these good thoughts? Or the caustic word spoken to your waist, makes you lose your hands and seize the remnants of your own will? Find something that can motivate you.

If in the recent past your weight was close to ideal, find among others your favorite photo. Make it a wallpaper background, a screensaver or just hang it on the fridge. You should not be motivated by the prospect of remaining hungry for the sake of the figure, but the realization that once you were already slim. It's you, not some TV star. So why Would not you try to return to yourself the one that you so miss?

Immediately after you make a decision grow thin, write down on paper the mandatory conditions of your "program of harmony." Make promises not to torture yourself with unbearable loads and not just sit on bread and water. Such notes will help to approach the matter without excessive fanaticism. Think of a couple of points that will encourage you. Great, if you come to business with humor. For example, promise yourself that in the painful moments of longing for your favorite tiramisu you will shed a bucket of tears and honestly go bathing in a salt bath.

For example, you need to reset 5 kg. Psychologists recommend taking a bag and putting some things into it so that the burden becomes identical in weight to the surplus. Put it on your shoulder or carry some time in your hands to assess this burden on yourself. When you remove the bag, you will feel the relief that your body will experience after losing weight.

Ask your husband or your beloved friend not to call you more "elephant" or "pyshechko." If they continue in the same spirit, you yourself will not feel like a weightless butterfly, which you probably feel yourself internally, but something heavy and cumbersome.

Praise yourself for every little thing, but better write down your achievements. Register on one of the sites for slimming, where you immediately find a mass of accomplices. Share your secrets of harmony and be sure to encourage others. Or create a personal diary in which you record not only the weight level and the indication of a centimeter tape, but also your own observations, compliments, admiring glances, etc.

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