How to fight acne with boric acid

How to fight acne with boric acid
Oily seborrhea, acne often accompanies the development of puberty. Unpleasant pustules on the face can spoil the mood for a long time. However, timely prevention and treatment of acne help to improve the condition of the facial skin.

Acne is a problem that most young people face. Affect the appearance of acne can various factors:

– Ecology;

– congenital skin diseases;

– hormonal disbalance;

– the climate in which a person lives.

Of course, many ask the question: "How to deal with acne?". After all, not always expensive drugs and medical technologies can help in this.

In folk medicine there is a proven and reliable way – it is boric acid. It effectively helps with the varying severity of acne and the increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Do not be afraid that this product can damage the skin, since it has disinfectant properties, so it is not dangerous. It should be noted that in case of dry skin, boric acid should be used in other proportions and is much more careful than with oily, as it can aggravate the situation, but as such, there is no contraindication to this drug.

Application of boric acid

It is necessary in a solution of this drug to moisten cotton wool and wipe all problem areas, which have acne.

With the areas around the eyes, nose and mouth, you should be careful not to allow the means to get there.

Some acquire boric acid in the form of a powder and make a medical solution on their own. Here it is necessary to observe the correct proportions: one glass of water at room temperature – one teaspoon of powder.

It is important to understand that there can be more pimples, but this is only a skin reaction to the drug, so the procedure should be performed 2-3 times a day during the week. When the result is noticeable, do not neglect further use of this tool. You can not wipe your face, but make a mask, adding a small amount of boric acid.

With proper use, an aqueous solution of boric acid is able not only to rid the skin of acne, but also to prevent their further appearance. An effective result can be achieved after the first week of such procedures.

Many dermatologists recommend using boric acid for preventive purposes. In view of the fact that it has antibacterial properties, this agent can prevent the formation of pustules from the effects of harmful microorganisms.

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