How to fasten the hair pins

How to fasten the hair pins
Thermobigi are popular with many women, because they do not get too hot, which means they do not harm the hair in the same way as, for example, elektrochiptsy or ironing. The curls are softer and more natural. But in order for the hair to turn out to be really beautiful and well-behaved, it is necessary to learn how to use both the thermobigi themselves and the accessories that are attached to them, and in particular, the hairpins "crabs" and hairpins.

Если вы задумали накрутить волосы на бигуди, лучше помыть голову немного раньше, а не прямо перед накручиванием, так лучше удерживаются curls. And if you have to do it right after washing, then it's best not to apply conditioner to your hair and thoroughly dry it. It is recommended to apply special means for hot styling, which protects the hair from overheating.

Before laying, turn on the thermal rollers so that they warm up to the desired temperature. The heating time depends on the particular model, but most of them are equipped with an indicator that shows when the device is ready for operation.

Divide the hair into four parts. Screwing starts from the nape and moves down, then proceed to the side parts and lastly work on the locks on the crown and should be on the forehead. Not bad, if you will not separate hair with straight cut, but zigzag. In this case, when you remove the curlers, the curls will look more natural. If you want to get spiral curls, before winding, twist each strand taken by you spiral.

Remember that in front of the hair are wound on the largest in diameter rollers, and on the nape at the base of the hair and on the sides – the smallest. If you do not have enough hair curlers to wind all the hair at once, start from the bottom, remove them after cooling, warm again and wind up, gradually moving up. By the way, if your hair on the front of the head is short and slides off from large curlers, you can try to lengthen them with paper strips.

With the help of the sharp end of the comb, separate one small string of hair on the vertex, comb; lift over your head, tighten, attach the tips of hair to the middle of the curlers, press them with your finger so they do not slip off, and tighten the entire strand to the roots.

The hair curlers must be fixed so that the hair is not squeezed and not formed ugly creases. For this you need hairpins, which are convenient to fix hair curlers.

There is nothing complicated in this, but some skill is needed, which appears with experience. When you wind the strand, as far as possible, so as not to burn the scalp, carefully thread the hairpin through the strand towards the roots, in the same direction as the curl was wound. So it will firmly fix the curlers and will not fall out. After winding and fixing the curl, you can carefully place a small cotton swab under the hot curler so that the skin does not get burned.

After winding all the hair on the curlers, leave them there until they have completely cooled down. To fix the curls, in the end you can warm them and then cool with a hairdryer. Starting from the front of the head, remove the hairpins and untwist curlers. To fix curls, you can immediately sprinkle them with a small amount of varnish.

Combing the hair and making the styling can be no less than a quarter of an hour after removing the curler. And you can not even comb your hair, and shake them or fluff your fingers and fix it with lacquer.

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