How to fasten hair fast

How to fasten hair fast
Hair is prone to negative effects of the environment, dyes and styling products. Curls become unhealthy and rare. Solve the problem with modern tools and time-tested folk methods.

You will need
  • – medical products for hair care;
  • – vitamin complexes;
  • – burdock root;
  • – Burr oil;
  • – Vitamin E or Aevit complex;
  • – honey;
  • onion juice.
If you are concerned about the problem of hair loss, visit the trichologist. The specialist will advise you on professional care products. If necessary, will conduct a survey of the skin and roots, which will help to identify the cause of such an unpleasant phenomenon and eliminate it.

Start taking vitamins – they are necessary to maintain healthy hair. With a shortage of nutrients in the body, the curls may fall out or become unhealthy in appearance. Also, diversify the diet, try to eat only high-quality products.

Укрепляющим эффектом обладает корень лопуха. Заваривайте несколько столовых ложек в литре кипятка, настаивайте, а затем ополаскивайте голову после мытья. Делать это нужно регулярно, чтобы появились результаты. Примерно через 2-3 недели подобного лечения вы увидите, что волосы стали сильными и блестящими, а также became less to fall out.

Делайте маску из репейного масла. Добавляйте в него витамин Е или капсулу «Аевита». Тщательно перемешивайте и наносите по всей длине волос. Процедуру проводите через день или несколько раз в неделю – на ваше усмотрение.

Unpainted hair can be strengthened with honey and onion juice. Take a medium-sized onion, grate, place the pulp in gauze and wring out. Mix with honey in equal proportions. Rub the resulting composition into the roots of hair and leave for 40 minutes, after the time wash your head under running warm water, you can without shampoo.

When all is ineffectual, a comprehensive examination in the hospital will help. Be sure to pass tests to the level of hormones. If any deviation is detected, after its correction, the hair will cease to fall out. At the time of treatment, try to avoid stress, they negatively affect the health in general and the hair, in particular.

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