How to fashion a hairstyle

How to fashion a hairstyle
A woman with beautifully and fashionably laid hair invariably attracts attention, regardless of whether her hair is short or long, curly or straight. And most importantly, you can create such a fashionable style yourself.

You will need
  • – полотенце
  • – hair dryer
  • – mousse, foam, gel, spray for styling
  • – curlers
  • – comb
Straight and long hair wash, dry with a towel and apply a styling product. Strand your hair to the top of your head. The resulting bundle is then moved to the right or left of the ear, then secure it. Hair in the beam, divide into 3 equal parts and braid them with a scythe. Lay it in the opposite direction from the base of the beam and secure it in such a way that the unbonded tip of the braid remains free. Using a curling iron, curl it. Secure the result with a varnish. If desired, decorate your hair with a beautiful hair clip.

Comb your hair, then collect them slightly below the crown in the tail. Then twist the hair into a tourniquet and lay it in a spiral knot clockwise. With one hand, through the center of the formed node, pull out the remaining tail, and with the other hand at that time support the knot. Fix the hair with beautiful hairpin sticks.

Long and curly hair, shape with mousse or foam. And in order to achieve a more accurate curls, twist them a little ployka. Divide the hair into a straight straight part and fix using invisible ones. Try to put a bezel on damp hair, then they will be straight on the vertex, and the tips will slightly curl.

On wet short hair, apply the foam, then dry them with a hair dryer, pulling the round comb of the strand. To achieve volume, keep the strands at an angle of 90 ° relative to the head or direct the hot air directly to the roots. Next rub a little wax in the palms of your hands and whip your hair on the temples and the back of the head. If the volumetric styling does not like, you can pull the strands under the maximum inclination, then the hair will be smooth.

Short curly hair is laid lightly carelessly. Such a mess of curls usually looks very fun and fervent. To do this, wash the washed hair lightly and apply a little gel for them, then lay the strands with the hands.

Short thin and rare hair on the back of the head lightly brush and apply a little spray. With the help of large curlers, twist the locks on the back of the head. In the same way, treat the strands on the sides and bangs using curlers of slightly smaller size. Dry with hair dryer, then remove hair curlers. Form a hairstyle.

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