How to expand the face

How to expand the face
Competent make-up and hairstyle allow not only to emphasize the dignity, but also to hide certain lacks of appearance. A similar thesis can be heard from the lips of almost every stylist. However, often girls do not think that it's possible to adjust their appearance a little at home, using a minimum of funds for this. For example, you can visually expand or narrow your eyes, nose and even face. So, as an experiment, try to expand the face.

You will need
  • Before work, you need to stock up on a light and dark make-up base. Remember that the foundation should not be very different from the complexion. Otherwise, you can get the effect of a severed head. In addition, you should get a blush and a brush for their application.
Most often an extension requires an elongated face. Usually women with this form of face have a high forehead and a long chin. This knowledge and need use при нанесении основы под makeup.

Здесь тоже есть определенные хитрости. Темная основа чаще всего используется для уменьшения, а светлая для increase some part of the face. In the case of elongated face темную основу следует нанести на нижнюю часть chin and the forehead, or rather its very basis.

Then, using light the basics can put a glare on those parts of the face that you want to visually emphasize.

Particular value следует придать и румянам. Их нужно наносить на скулы as usual, but horizontally. It is advisable to first draw blush ovals, and then shade them.

A narrow elongated face often requires a large number of horizontal lines. Therefore, choosing the shape of the eyebrows, you should prefer long and direct.

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