How to Exfoliate the Face

How to Exfoliate the Face
Exfoliate the skin is necessary to maintain it in good condition. The procedure helps the skin to get rid of dead cells, makes it soft and tender, helps to smooth out fine wrinkles. For exfoliation you can use folk remedies.

Prepare sugar peeling. It delicately removes the dead skin particles and makes it smooth and radiant. Take the 3 st.l. sugar and honey and mix well. Apply peeling on cleansed face, rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

Use ground coffee to exfoliate the skin. Mix 4 tbsp. coffee and 1 st.l. ground oatmeal. Massage your face on massage lines, then wash with warm water. After the procedure, wipe the face with a tonic and moisten with cream.

Mix 2 tbsp. blue clay with 1 st.l. ground egg shell, dilute the dry mixture with a small amount of water until the formation of gruel. Apply massage peeling on a clean face, leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Распарьте кожу лица над паром, уберите ватным диском влагу, а затем протрите лицо молотыми овсяными хлопьями, смешанными с питьевой содой, в пропорции 2:1. Подержите маску 2-3 минуты, а затем смойте теплой водой, после процедуры увлажните кожу.

Cut 1 tbsp. berries of black currant and mix it with the same amount of flour, add there 0,5 tsp. cream. Massage the mixture face 2-3 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Connect 1 st.l. sea ??salt with 1,5 tsp. Dense cream and gently rub this mixture of clean skin.

Rub on a shallow grater of medium size cucumber, mix it with 2 tbsp. oat flour and 1 st.l. olive oil. Get the scrub on the skin, gently massage it, leave it for 10 minutes, and then remove the formulation with a wet swab.

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