How to erase a hat

How to erase a hat
Regular washing of clothes refers to the basics of hygiene. And the hat is no exception. If you often wear a hat, it should also be often washed. After all, it absorbs sweat, skin fat from the hair, and if it is not washed, very soon it will look and smell very unpresentable. There are a number of rules on how to erase a hat so that it does not lose its appearance.

You will need
  • Shampoo
  • Dishwasher
  • Detergent for dishwasher
  • Трехлитровая банка, веревка с прищепкой или фен
  • Antibacterial spray for clothes
Read the label sewn into the cap from within. It contains instructions for washing the cap. If there are no instructions, try to visit the site of the manufacturer of this hat and find recommendations for washing the product.

Выстирайте шапку вручную мягким shampoo, this is the easiest way. Rinse in cool water, squeeze gently hands. Some hats, for example woolen, can to erase only so.

If you want to wash the baseball cap, place it in the dishwasher, setting it in the same way as you put the cup or glass. Add the usual washing means for utensils. Make sure there are no dishes in the car. Start the machine normally.
A baseball cap also needs regular washing

Dry the cap in the following ways: 1) putting on a three-liter jar; 2) having hung on the clothespin; 3) from help dryer. Not is Dry the washed hat on the battery or in a dryer for linens, так как шапка почти наверняка сядет и вы уже не сможете ее wear.

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