How to equalize a complexion

How to equalize a complexion
Uneven complexion? Our recipes will help your skin to become smooth and healthy

You will need
  • – Coffee
  • – Арбуз и другие продукты, которые сгодятся для маски
  • – Деньги на поход в салон красоты
Masks better делать in the evening. And engage in "maskotvorchestvo" regularly. Try, for example, the following mask, which is great helps от неровностей на личике. Разотрите мякоть арбуза до консистенции, которую можно наносить на кожу. Протрите лицо with olive oil, cover it for a few minutes with a towel soaked in a solution with soda. Then apply a consistence of watermelon for fifteen minutes. Wash everything off, wipe your face, spread it with a nutritious cream. Repeat the procedure every other day, even while the watermelons are on sale. The skin will become much more even, small ones will disappear pigmentary specks and freckles. Mask from a pulp here perfectly suit cucumber, carrots.

Use a peeled coffee as a scrub. Apply it for about ten minutes – get an amazing, almost free effect! Lightly massage. The face will brighten and purify. But do not, as in the case of soft watermelon, use this tool daily. Too invigorates, and large particles of coffee can harm the skin with frequent use. Another one Mask for "leveling": take parsley and sour cream, aloe juice and a pinch of yeast. Stir and apply, avoiding, of course, the area around the eyes. Just try using decoctions of parsley, melon and dandelion.

Если вы хотите более профессионального ухода, можете попробовать популярную ныне аппаратную мезотерапию. Это микроскопические инъекции под кожу, которые содержат в себе лекарственные препараты, состоящие из витаминов и питательных веществ. Процедура совершенно безболезненна. Для того, чтобы кожа лица выровнялась, необходимо провести около восьми-десяти процедур. Попробуйте криомассаж в salon, при котором на кожу воздействуют liquid nitrogen. In this case, the pores become very narrow. And at home, help the skin with compresses made of herbs, masks of clay, washing with herbal teas. Just try a home peeling, the means for it are presented in every line of any large cosmetic company.

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