How to ensure proper skin care around the eyes

How to ensure proper skin care around the eyes
Because of the small thickness of the skin around the eyes is very capricious and immediately manifests itself negative factors. To prolong her beauty, look fresh and young, you need to carry out daily care procedures for her.

Every night, without fail, take off your makeup. Do this with special tools. Choose cosmetics that includes natural ingredients.

If you use to refresh your skin with various lotions, be careful. On the skin around the eyes, in no case should you apply funds made on an alcohol basis. This rule applies to special foams and gels for washing, especially if they are intended for a fatty skin type. After all, they contain additional drying components, which adversely affect the health of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Give preference to an exceptionally high-quality, time-tested decorative cosmetics. In particular, this applies to eyelids, contour pencils, podvodok, corrector and mascara. From the application of good means for makeup on the face should not appear redness and swelling.

When buying cosmetics for the skin around the eyes, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. In addition, study the composition of funds. Make sure that they do not contain components that can trigger your allergic reactions. Try to choose a cream for the eyes, capable at the same time and moisturize your skin, and have a soothing effect, it will also help smooth wrinkles.

Во время нанесения средств по уходу за кожей вокруг глаз, не растирайте кожу, не растягивайте и не давите на нее. В противном случае вы рискуете спровоцировать появление лишних морщин. Накладывайте крем очень легкими движениями. По нижнему веку движение должно быть направлено от внешнего уголка глаза к внутреннему, а по верхнему – от внутреннего к внешнему. Можно попробовать наносить крем нежными шлепками подушечек пальцев.

Twice a week, use nourishing masks. If necessary, you can carry out relaxing skin compresses.

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