How to emphasize beautiful eyes

How to emphasize beautiful eyes
"The eyes are black, the eyes are passionate …" was sung in the famous Russian romance. Eyes have always rightly been considered the most attractive part of a person telling everything about a person revealing his feelings, desires and intentions. Bright, beautiful eyes do not need make-up, but in some cases, the natural attractiveness of the eyes can be emphasized using cosmetics.

Take the mirror and carefully look at your reflection. Appreciate the shape and color of your skin, your hair, your hair color. Any make-up that you put, first of all, should suit you, that is, match your appearance, image, style.

Think about the outfit that you have to wear. Remember that a business suit involves a minimum of makeup. Evening dress allows more bright makeup. Pay attention to the color of the clothes. Any cosmetics on your face should be combined with a dress.

If possible, consult make-up artist or a specialist in the selection of cosmetics. In many stores perfumery and cosmetics cosmetics selection services are free, sellers are required to show you the product. In some cases, it is suggested to make a trial make-up, so do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Correct the shape of the eyebrows. Try to keep the shape that nature has given you. Completely plucked, and then drawn pencil eyebrows look unnatural.

Choose eye shadow. Choose neutral shades, avoid bright colors, especially pink and orange, they give the effect of tear-stained eyes. Try to experiment first with different shades, and understand which one is right for you. For example, karim eyes well suited bronze or dark gray shadows, to blue eyes – lighter, silvery.

Нанесите на ресницы черную тушь. Лучше использовать гипоаллергенную тушь с подкручивающей щеточкой и эффектом lengthening eyelashes. You can also use mascara of a different color (for example, brown), but if you want to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, it is good to use black.

Старайтесь не использовать подводный карандаш или жидкую подводку для глаз. Если вы все же решили подчеркнуть глаза с помощью этих косметических средств, наносите минимальное количество, чтобы глаза выглядели естественно.

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