How to effectively reduce tattooing

How to effectively reduce tattooing
It used to be fashionable to have a tattoo. However, gradually the fashion fades into nothing. And many girls (and guys) are trying to get rid of the drawings on the skin. Methods of reducing tattoos are numerous. But not all of them are safe.

The cheapest, but not the safest option is to reduce tattoo by burning the place with a tattooed acid. No better and another way – scraping the tattoo with a diamond milling cutters. These methods are rather painful and threaten with complications. In addition, after them there will definitely be scars. In these ways, you can reduce tattoos in almost any tattoo parlor.

A more advanced way to get rid of tattoos is with laser resurfacing. The procedure is much safer from a medical point of view, but no one guarantees getting rid of scars and scars. On average, the price of tattoo laser tattoo from 800 to 1300 rubles per 1 square centimeter – it all depends on the "coolness" tattoo salon.

Even more advanced technology of reducing tattoo – laser "flash". After it from your "tattoo"There will be no trace left. And almost no medical complications. The main thing is to follow the instructions of the master and observe the rules of hygiene. However, this procedure is worth a lot. Approximately in 3-4 times more expensive than laser resurfacing. But it is this – the most effective way tattoo.

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