How to Eat to Lose Weight

How to Eat to Lose Weight
Often people who are not familiar with the problems of excess weight, it seems that it is very easy to lose weight: you need to eat only vegetables and yogurt and do not eat after six. But strict diets and dietary restrictions are not only ineffective for losing weight, but also harmful. Violent pain over the stomach helps to achieve the desired weight in a short time, but it's worth to relax a little, and the kilograms return in double size. You need to lose weight properly, and you need to eat well for this.

Remember that a strict diet damages health and metabolism, which can not but affect your figure in the future. If your goal – grow thin forever and remain healthy, you need to be patient and start eating healthy, nutritious, vitamin-rich and minerals-rich foods, following certain rules.

You can not dramatically change the diet, so as not to expose the body to stress. Start small, do not change the menu radically. For example, start to put in coffee not fatty cream, and skim milk, and roll a bun for breakfast with a piece of rye bread. Do not give up all delicious foods, just gradually replace them with something less harmful: instead of candy eat a banana, instead of sugar put honey in the tea, instead of mayonnaise, add non-fat sour cream to the salad. If you love coffee, try to replace it with chicory – to taste, they almost do not differ, but the latter is much more useful. In extreme cases, drink no more than one cup per day, the same applies to black tea. If it's hard to give up butter or mayonnaise, buy low-calorie versions of these products.

Do not completely reject food that is delicious for you, even if it is harmful: you can afford a small piece of smoked fish or sausage, a glass of sweet soda water on holidays, pastries on weekends. Otherwise, you can break down and start eating such foods in unlimited quantities, which will negate all efforts. Just limit the consumption of such food.

Eat more often, but less. For a day you should have at least five meals, while overlap on a plate of small portions and stop eating before you feel saturated. It is known that a feeling of satiety comes in half an hour after a meal. Thoroughly chew food – so it is better absorbed, and you will quickly feel full.

The most important food intake is breakfast: a proper breakfast sates the body with the right substances and gives energy, promotes consumption of less calories per day, increases the level of leptin, a hormone that suppresses the appetite. If you miss breakfast, it will be difficult for you to give up a packet of chips or a sweet bun during the day. Breakfast must include proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats. Eat oatmeal, cereals, cottage cheese, fruit, milk, eggs, vegetables, fish, bread from wholemeal.

Lunch, too, should be full, but not more caloric than breakfast. Do not remove meat from the ration, especially in winter, just buy low-fat meat – instead of pork – fish, ground beef or chicken. Eat light meals: lean fish, vegetables, fruits.

Edit cooking method food: start cooking vegetables for a couple, do not fry, and bake or simmer. Put in the dishes a little less salt than usual. And most importantly – always eat fresh food. Therefore, you should always cook exactly as much as you can consume at a time. It is proved that the heated yesterday's food does not bring benefits, but it pollutes the body with toxins.

Try to drink more water, not during meals, but in breaks. Clean water is a useful product for humans. Specialists even advise to start the day with a glass of water drunk on an empty stomach, as it warms up the intestines, rinses it. It is advisable to drink it warm, immediately after awakening.

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