How to eat less and lose weight in 2017 year

How to eat less and lose weight in 2017 year
You easily succumb to temptations. You can not go past a fragrant cake or a large biscuit cake and eat everything at a time until the last crumb. And then scold yourself for extra pounds on the hips and waist. Try to limit yourself to eating.

Ни в коем случае не голодайте. Чем дольше вы ничего не едите, тем больше у вас просыпается аппетит. И удержаться съесть большой кусок мяса или тарелку жареной картошки порой бывает просто невозможно.

Drink more fluids. A glass of water, natural juice without sugar, a cup of green tea will help dull the feeling of hunger. Also, take as a rule one hour before a meal to drink a glass of water or juice. So in your stomach will later fit less food.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Apples, a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers will not bring extra pounds, but you will eat less fat and contraindicated for the figure of food.

Refuse to add spices and spices to your food. They exacerbate the feeling of hunger and "force" to go for an additive.

Eat small dishes. For example, instead of a plate, take a piano. So the portion of your lunch or dinner will be reduced. Just apply food with a slide and eat a teaspoon. So you will have the illusion that you ate a full portion.

Eat slowly, thoroughly chew every bit, enjoy every spoon. So you send much less food into the stomach.

Do not eat in front of a TV or computer. Distracted from the process of eating, you can not be satisfied with one portion and run after the addition.

Hide away vases with candy, cupcakes, gingerbread. And instead of them put baskets with fruit or vegetables. As soon as you want to have a snack, instead of a high-calorie malicious cake, eat an apple, an orange, a cucumber or a carrot.

It is believed that blue reduces appetite. If this statement is valid for you, surround yourself with blue color: dishes, tablecloth, vases with flowers or some other decor should be in this cool tone.

Do not forget, to lose weight, you need not only to limit yourself to eating. Go in for sports, lead an active mobile lifestyle, walk in the fresh air. And then you will succeed!

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