How to Eat Everything and Lose Weight

How to Eat Everything and Lose Weight
To grow thin, you have to resort to exhausting diets and limit yourself to eating. However, losing excess weight is quite possible, without giving up your favorite dishes. Thoughtful approach to your own diet will allow you to eat everything and at the same time lose weight.

You will need
  • – пряности;
  • – сухая клетчатка;
  • – green tea;
  • – coffee;
  • – Grapefruit
  • – a pineapple;
  • – greenery.
Reduce the serving size. If you do not want to give up your favorite products, this principle will be an excellent way for you. In most cases, the cause of obesity is not the increased calorie intake of food, but overeating. Reduce portions gradually, so as not to experience hunger. This method will not only reduce the total calorie content of food eaten per day, but also reduce the volume of the stomach. As a consequence, you will begin to saturate much faster. After 1-2 weeks, you will find out: the weight goes away, even though you did not refuse your favorite products.

If you do not want to refuse harmful, but your favorite food (sweets, carbonated drinks, pastries, chips), try to use them in the morning. During this period, the metabolism rises, so everything eaten, as a rule, "burns out." However, even in this case, do not forget about the moderation: enjoy the delicious and high-calorie dishes, but do not overeat.

Diversify the habitual diet products that promote weight loss. Greens, red peppers, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, grapefruit, oriental spices will help make the usual dishes even tastier and will not allow you to gain excess weight. Drink every day 1-2 cups freshly brewed coffee, as well as a good green tea: these drinks have a diuretic effect and spur metabolism. Add to the diet dry fiber, which removes harmful substances from the body and normalizes the work of the intestine.

Do not forget about physical activity. Let any direction of fitness become your habit: gradually your metabolism will return to normal, and you can always afford your favorite dishes. If the amount of calories spent per day is more than the amount consumed, you will definitely lose weight.

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