How to easily get rid of acne on the forehead

How to easily get rid of acne on the forehead
The skin of the forehead has a large number of sebaceous glands, so acne often develops in this zone.

Causes of appearance

The whole problem lies in the very state of the body, because just their placer on the face always has its own influence factors. To begin with, you need to bring your state and immunity in order, since you want to hit the hearth of their appearance. It can only be a reaction to water, and you'll be pouring in a bunch of drugs and buying a whole mountain of creams and therapeutic masks.

If such appearances on your face are permanent, then it's time to think about visiting a dermatologist. It will help to correctly determine the cause of their occurrence and quickly find the right solutions for their elimination. There is no reason to heal, then all work will be in vain, and they will appear again.

Acne can appear due to:

· Problems in the intestines;

Imbalance in the biliary or pancreatic work;

Reaction to medicines;

Lack of face hygiene.

Our state of a person is directly dependent on nutrition. If there is such a problem with the forehead zone, you should reduce the amount of fatty foods, sweet, and replace tea or coffee with fruits or juices. They will fill your deficiency of vitamins and keep your body toned. It is useful to drink kefir in the morning for the proper functioning of the intestines, adding a large amount of fruits and vegetables containing fiber to the usual diet. It is useful to eat meat.

It may be that the work of the bile or pancreatic is broken, and this, too, can cause the appearance of acne. Self-medication is not an option. The best solution is to turn to a specialist (gastrenerologist).

There are times when drugs can cause side effects. This is serious, so the doctor is simply necessary. Such drugs as hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, dietary supplements, oral contraceptives have the ability to adversely affect the body if the dose is not appropriate.

Self-medication in these cases should not be. It happens that improper hygiene of the face will lead to the appearance of a large number of acne. To prevent this, it is required to follow the points:

· Wash your face with water often;

· Use of funds by the type of your skin;

· The use of quality cosmetics.

How to get rid of acne on the forehead

To overcome this disease, it is necessary:

· Drinking a glass of water in the morning to get rid of toxins;

· Add lemon in water for washing;

· Wipe the face with an ice cube;

· Use of masks.

Useful Tips

In order not to spend money on buying masks, you can cook them at home. Hercules pour boiling water and impose on your face or rubbed carrots with cottage cheese. But the most effective is the mask with the use of aloe juice. It tones and soothes the skin, and almost every house has it. Its leaves should be put in the refrigerator for several days in order for the biostimulators to accumulate in the pulp.

Masks with the use of aloe:

· Peel the leaves, crush 1 with 2 spoons of honey, respectively, hold for half an hour;

· Mix the pulp with lemon juice and egg whites, apply in layers, rinse after 40 minutes.

Do not delay treatment in the long box, as there can be complications that will leave scarring on the face. Better to prevent in time than to be late with treatment. The skin of the face is very tender and always needed protection, so do not adjust them with tonal basis and powder, this will exacerbate the situation. When the skin does not breathe, blockage occurs, so a timely solution to the problem is required.

Inflamed parts of the face – this is a sign that there are health problems, and we must immediately begin to eliminate them. Therefore, immediately appealing to a dermatologist will help to identify the problem at an early stage, prescribe a treatment package.

Complex treatment from a doctor and the use of masks from minerals will help to eliminate not only pimples, but also the cause of their appearance. And it does not matter what kind of mask you use: cucumber, from aloe juice, from the juice of grapes – all of them will be effective only with the treatment of a specialist. Otherwise, you'll just temporarily heal the problem, and later they will start bothering and spreading all over the person or individual zones, which will bring a lot of inconveniences and complexes.

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