How to dye your hair yourself at home

How to dye your hair yourself at home
Many of us dye their hair and constantly change their image. In order not to spend a lot of money on this, you can carry out painting procedures at home, buying paint in stores. Remember to remember several important rules, so that painting your hair at home does not end with something sad.

When painting at home, it is very important to push off your hair length. If the hair is long and bulky, then you need to buy at least two or even three packs of paint. Otherwise, it just will not be enough and the painting will be uneven. If you only need to paint overgrown roots, then just one package is enough.

When choosing a color, you need to consider your face color, the natural shade of the hair and their number. If the hair is very small and they are thin, then it's not worth painting them in black, chestnut, chocolate and other dark colors. Light skin will "look through" through the rare hair and the image will not be aesthetically pleasing.

When the length of the hair is determined, the color of the paint and its amount, then you can conduct a small test for the presence of allergies. After preparing the mixture for coloring, apply a drop of the coloring compound to the inside of the elbow and wait about 15-20 minutes. If the body does not have an allergic reaction, then this paint is right for you.

Before you start painting, you must wear old clothes, which is not a pity to spoil. After all, when applying paint to the hair, it can drip onto clothing. If you do not notice it immediately, the paint will dye the fabric and the thing will be spoiled. In the event that on the floor you have a carpet, then it is better to remove it or make a film.

Stir the paint in a plastic container and use a special brush to apply it. Before the beginning of dyeing it is desirable to divide all the hair into four parts, beginning from the forehead to the nape, then each part for two more from the middle to each ear. Apply the paint first at the roots, since this zone requires more time for coloring, then distribute the entire paint over the remaining length of the hair. In no case can you dye your hair slowly, otherwise the strands will be of different shades and over time the composition loses its coloring ability.

After the paint is completely applied to the hair from the roots to the tips, it is necessary to wait strictly for the amount of time that is indicated in the paint instruction. Do not leave the paint on your hair any longer. Nobody knows how your hair will react to the paint composition and what kind of damage can be caused in case of non-observance of the specified time.

Before washing hair with shampoo, it is necessary to wash off the entire composition of the hair with warm water with warm water, and then use detergents. After that, it is recommended to use a balm or conditioner, which comes complete with paint. If it is not, then just apply any other balm to your hair. This will soften the hair and they will become more nourished, because the painting still dries the hair.

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