How to dye your hair without harm to your hair

How to dye your hair without harm to your hair
Staining that changes the natural structure volos, often makes them dull and lifeless. Components contained in dyes, penetrating the body, often cause allergic reactions. Using natural or sparing artificial dyes, you minimize the damage to the hair.

Придайте светлым volosam a beautiful shade, rinsing them with a decoction of chamomile, turmeric, cinnamon or hops. Tint dark blond or red voloss using ingredients such as walnut, cypress, sandalwood and hazelnut shells.

Prepare the onion peel paint that contains quartzitin staining voloss in red-orange tones. Pour 50 grams of husk with a glass of water. Boil the mixture on fire for 20 minutes. Let it brew and then strain. For the density in the paint, you can add flour or starch. Apply evenly to volosы, накройте их полиэтиленовой пленкой. Укутайте голову полотенцем. Через 1-2 часа смойте краску теплой водой. Светлые volosы после процедуры станут ярко-рыжими, а темные приобретут золотисто-каштановый оттенок. Кроме того, краска сделает voloss more robust and will accelerate their growth. To give volosRinse them with a decoction of onion husks.

Use henna or basma – natural natural dyes. To get a darker shade, add a drop of iodine to henna 3-4 or brew it with strong tea or coffee. Adding an infusion of walnuts, you will give volosам красивый шоколадный оттенок. Если ваши voloss hard and the paint falls on them badly, add to the henna juice half a lemon. That the mass was better kept on volosah, add a teaspoon of honey to it. For a more saturated color, apply the paint to clean volosы и смойте простой водой. Вымойте голову с шампунем через 4 дня после покраски.

To give volosA light shade, use unstable foams or gels that easily wash off with water. Tinted and soft paints containing a smaller amount of oxidizing agent cause volosmuch less harm, than usual paints, and are washed off for 10-20 times.

Make illumination by using the services of a master in the salon. This procedure is an unstable coloring that causes volosам минимум harm. При иллюминировании можно подобрать не только основной цвет volos, but also the color of the ebb.

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