How to dye your hair with crayons

How to dye your hair with crayons
Few girls will think of dying their hair with ordinary chalk. Although this is an affordable procedure, which is done both at home and in the salons! So, dye your hair crayons очень просто. Возьмите crayons or a soft pastel, a comb or a brush, a towel and newspapers. Lay the newspapers around so that the dust settles on it. On yourself, throw a towel or an oilcloth so as not to stain your clothes. Although if you get stained clothes, you can not worry – it's easy to wash the chalks.

By the way, crayons do harm to hair, hair can become dry, but if you often use crayons. Coloring the hair with a pastel will give the result for a short interval, after washing everything will disappear. To give color, you should not use oil, but a dry pastel, and then the hair will seem all fat.

First comb your hair. Then take a small string, start to color in the direction of growth. To get a more visible result, twist the string into a flagellum. The light color of hair pastel falls better, gives a more intense color. But the dark hair falls a little worse, but the staining was easier – you need to moisten your hair, comb it with a wet brush or apply a sprinkler.

When the painting is finished, fix the result with a hair spray. Do not dry your hair with special means! Then, when washing hair, apply balm to neutralize the dryness that will appear on the tips.

Very looks beautiful a combination of several colors on one string, just remember that the crayons are dirty, therefore, the hairdo should be made higher or choose such clothes so that there are no appreciable stains from the crayons on it.

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