How to dye your hair professionally

How to dye your hair professionally
To paint hair professionally at home is difficult. This requires certain skills, taking into account the condition of the hair at the time of staining. In addition, gray hair requires a different approach to the procedure than those that were previously painted or never painted.

Определитесь с видом окрашивания. Есть несколько разных способов проведения процедуры, в которые входит bilage, toning, highlighting, coloring, hair coloring with their preliminary clarification, discoloration, clarification and coloring. Discoloration, in contrast to clarification, completely destroys the pigment of the hair. When tinting, a change in the shade of the wolf occurs, without affecting the internal structure. Through highlights осветляют пряди, а окраска предполагает полное изменение hair color. Balayage assumes a special technique of staining only the ends of the hair, coloring is a way of staining the strands in different shades.

Apply toning dyes after 10 days from the moment of the chemical wave. Note that during this time you have to wash your head several times. Persistent paint can only be used after 2-3 weeks. Do not paint during the period of pregnancy, menstruation, poor health, stress.

Coloring your hair in a shade that is close to natural, you need to take into account a few nuances. First, the hair at the roots should be darker than on the кончиках. The upper strands are colored to a lighter tone than the bottom, a smooth transition of the tone is important.

Spray the hair in light shades with blond means, if you plan to achieve the maximum white color. On 1-2, the tones are clarified by developers 6-percentage, on 3-4 tones – 12-percentage.

Do not stain if you are sick with asthma, bronchitis, suffer from allergies. In the latter case, the elbow test should be performed before staining. If within 12-24 hours skin blushed, there was an itch, then the paint showed allergies.

Не мойте голову перед окрашиванием, на коже образуется жировой слой, смягчающий негативное воздействие красителя. Закройте одежду, на кожу по линии роста волос нанесите крем.

Mix all the paint components very carefully, especially if you combine different colors. Divide the hair with two perpendicular lines running through the center of the head, apply the paint to the partitions, go to the side of the nape. Here the process of staining is slower. The exception is the process of clarification, when the paint must first be applied to those areas that should be lighter than others, and in the end to the area of ??the temples and forehead. In these places, the hair is thin and the coloring is very fast.

Окрашивайте grey hair taking into account the localization of the modified hair, apply the paint to the places where a lot of gray hair. If the shade is red, apply the mixture, retreating 2 cm from the roots, under them you can put a cotton swab. If you plan to color the roots darker, you can apply the same method. Then, the roots can be stained and left for the duration of the dye exposure.

Apply the dye to the roots, and after 10-15 minutes along the entire length. This will allow the paint to distribute evenly and even out the color if it is necessary to stain the roots.

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