How to dye your hair less often

How to dye your hair less often
After dyeing, you have to carefully monitor and care for your hair. In order to not see the contrast between the natural color and the new, you have to constantly tint the roots. But since it is often difficult and harmful to dye your hair, it is better to take advice to reduce hikes to the hairdresser to a minimum.

Honestly tell the hairdresser that you do not have the opportunity to spend fabulous money on your hair. You want the dyed hair to look good, the color stayed for a long time, and the hikes to the hairdresser's were reduced to a minimum. Naturally, the hairdresser can not slow the speed of hair growth and make sure that their color is always fresh and radiant. But he can give recommendations for special care.

When painting, use a few tones. As a rule, thanks to multitoniation, it is possible to avoid a clear boundary between natural and colored hair.

Replace the color with toning the hair. This paint is cheaper than usual. If desired, you can make toning in your home conditions, buying a shade of shade.

Do not forget about the deep hydration. Use air conditioners and hair masks. They moisturize well and prevent rapid washing away.

Do not get carried away by experiments, coloring your hair in different shades. It is recommended to choose the color closest to the natural shade of your hair.

Try to wash your head less often. Do not abuse this recommendation, but every day to take a bath unnecessarily. Remember that with each visit to the shower paint is washed more and more. Try not to wet your hair with a daily shower, but wash them 2-3 times a week. Use a quality shampoo for colored hair.

Beware of chlorine, as it speeds up the washing out of the hair. When you visit the pool, do not forget about the special hat. At home, try to use boiled water to wash your head, since chlorinated water usually flows from the tap.

Use professional hair care products. Consult with experts to choose suitable for your type of hair. Do not try to buy them yourself if you do not understand these issues.

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