How to dye your hair in a dark color

How to dye your hair in a dark color
Many believe that it is worth buying a tube of paint, apply it to your hair, wait a bit, and you can get the same color as shown on the package. But this is far from the case. The dye penetrates into the hair, disintegrating, mixing with the pigment. Therefore, the final color can greatly surprise you.

You will need
  • – hair dye or natural dyes.
You can color your hair in a dark color with the help of chemicals or folk recipes. The first option is faster, easier, but it can be detrimental to the condition of the hair. The second is longer, but it will not bring any negative consequences.

Если вы решили прибегнуть к первому методу, у вас есть только один шанс на получение нужного результата. Если что-то пошло не так, ваши волосы стали неприятного оттенка или начали выпадать, срочно обратитесь к профессионалам. Только парикмахеры способны помочь вам восстановить структуру и цвет волос, если вы допустили какую-нибудь ошибку.

Приобретая краску, проконсультируйтесь с продавцом. Он поможет вам подобрать нужный цвет. Помните, что если у вас светлые волосы, оттенок будет в несколько раз ярче, чем указанный на упаковке. Не приобретайте слишком дешевые краски, они могут навредить волосам. Лучше обратите внимание на профессиональную косметику, она держится дольше, а вреда от нее меньше.

Mix the contents of the tubes as indicated in the instructions. Use all the ingredients, even if you have short hair, do not store the paint until the next time. Immediately after mixing, apply the mixture to the hair. First, divide them by parting, apply the paint, spreading it over the entire surface. Then, at a distance of 2-3 centimeters, make a new part and apply the mixture in the same way. So continue until all the roots are covered with paint.

Coloring for the first time you need to divide the entire hair on the strands and continue applying the mixture. You need to start from the hair on the back of the neck, they are more rigid, and they need more time for coloring. The mixture should be applied evenly to all hair, and then combed.

If you have overgrown roots, wait 10-30 minutes (the exact time is indicated in the annotation) and only after that apply the paint on the remaining hair. Flush the mixture after 10-20minute after combing. The final result depends on the time of dyeing. So try not to overexposure the paint.

Those who decided to resort to folk methods, you should use basma, coffee, tea, walnut, bark of spruce, sage or acorn. These options are completely safe for the hair, but you can hardly achieve intense color after the first procedure. Most likely, they will need at least 3-5.
Окрасить волосы можно и при помощи натуральных средств

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