How to dye your hair at home

How to dye your hair at home
Salon staining of hair, made by master stylists, is of a high quality and makes the appearance of each girl attractive. However, knowing a few simple secrets, it is possible to dye your hair yourself and at home, especially since home hair coloring will be much cheaper and take less time than going to the salon.


What you need to have to dye your hair at home

In order to most dye your hair, regardless of the chosen color and length of hair, you will need almost the same set of tools:

– paint for dyeing hair;

– a ceramic or glass bowl in which you will dilute the paint;

– rubber or polyethylene gloves;

– Cape on the shoulders;

– Comb with large infrequent teeth;

– A special brush for dyeing hair.

If the hair is short, then enough 1 paint packs. With very thick hair to the shoulders or, if they are longer, you will need 2 packaging. In addition, if you decide to dye your long hair, then it is better to stock up 4 with large hairpins or special clips that hairdressers use.

How to properly dye your hair at home

Those girls who painted their own hair know that the process is laborious enough, you have to find ways and poses to paint the entire head. It is especially difficult to paint the hair on the occipital part of the head, it is necessary to do it literally. In this case, it always happens that one awkward movement leads to the fact that the paint remains on the neck, on the forehead, on the temples. In advance, protect yourself from this problem by applying a greasy cream to the skin around the scalp or walk on these places with a lip balm or hygienic lipstick. Notice later how easily the paint is dabbed with the skin protected by these remedies.

To dye your hair you need to start from the back of your head, so divide your hair with the hair on the 4 part: front from forehead to occiput, left temporal, right temporal and occipital. The paint is better absorbed on wet hair, so it's a good idea to lightly sprinkle or moisturize them.

The very process of dyeing hair consists in the uniform application of the dye composition to the hair. This is done in the following order:

– apply the paint on the roots of the hair along the fences;

– paint the front part from the roots to the tips of the hair, do the same with the other zones in turn;

– distribute the remaining paint as close as possible to the roots;

Comb the comb with rare teeth comb your hair.

Modern dyeing compositions for hair do not spread, so the head does not need to wear a hat. After 30 minutes, simply rinse off the paint with a shampoo for colored hair.

In the package with the paint, most likely, there will be a bag of balm that softens the hair, protects them from the aggressive impact of the chemical composition, makes the hair shiny and smooth. Apply it on your head and after a few minutes rinse with water.

A few tips on coloring hair

If you decide to dye your hair yourself at home, then knowing some tricks will make the staining more effective, correct and as close to professional as possible.

– at least for 2 days before dyeing hair, do not wash your hair. Pure hair is more easily destroyed by chemical composition. In addition, before staining, do not use hair balms or 2 shampoo in 1, otherwise you risk getting streaks that have not been painted.

– Do not hold the paint longer than it was laid. The opinion that if you hold the paint on your hair longer, the color will turn out to be more saturated, erroneous. Almost every staining instruction specifies the activity time of the composition, usually 30 minutes. At the end of this time, the composition simply ceases to function.

– the main thing is harmony. If you want to dye your hair yourself at home, then bear in mind that it is better not to make radical changes to the image. The color of the hair should match the color of the eyes and differ from the main one by no more than an 2 tone. If the mood requires changes with accuracy "to the contrary", go to the master who will do it professionally.

– do not wash your hair the next day after dyeing your hair. Also, do not use lacquers, mousses or foams. The components that make up their composition can prevent the pigment of the dye from getting into the hair.

– Do not use a metal comb when dyeing hair. Oxidation of metal can play a cruel joke with the color of your hair, so it is better to use wooden or non-metallic combs, at the worst, and plastic.

– Do not use hair dye when staining eyebrows and eyelashes. The temptation to tint the remains of eyebrows and eyelashes can lead to the need to call an ambulance, the composition of the paint is dangerous to the health of the eyes. In addition, you risk remaining without eyelashes and eyebrows, they simply drop out.

To paint hair at home on its own is not really as difficult as it might seem for the first time, you just have to follow all the rules, follow the instructions on the package with paint and remember the small but such important tricks described above.


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