How to dye Henna hair

How to dye Henna hair
Paint spoils the hair, so many choose to conduct experiments on their appearance more sparing options. For example, give henna a pleasant copper shade to help henna.

You will need
  • – henna powder;
  • – hot water;
  • – bowl;
  • – gloves;
  • – comb;
  • – кисточка;
  • – hair clips;
  • – shower cap or package;
  • – Towel.
First you need to prepare henna. To do this, the powder should be diluted with hot water (about 90 ° C) to a pasty state. For medium length hair, you need three teaspoons of powder, but if you dye your hair for the first time, just add more. The dye can be additionally insisted. To do this, place it on the water bath for five to ten minutes.

Методика окрашивания волос хной similar to dyeing with normal paint. Before starting work, be sure to wear gloves – henna perfectly colors not only the hair, but also the skin. Prepare a few pins, with which you can remove the strands. Begin the coloration from the top of the head or the back of the head. Gently divide the hair into strands about one and a half centimeter in width, remove the curls from the hair. Apply the mass on the roots, and then use a comb and a special brush spread it along the entire length.

Having painted the top of the head and the back of the head, take care of the side strands. You must have time to process the hair, while henna is not cold. After you have finished, put a shower cap or plastic bag on your head, and wind the towel on top.

The time of coloring depends on the color and structure of your hair, as well as on the desired shade. Blond hair turns a fiery red in about forty minutes. If you are the owner of light brown hair, you'd better wait about an hour.

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