How to dye hair

How to dye hair
Today it is not necessary to go to the salon for painting hair. In any supermarket you can buy a coloring agent made especially for home use. But with all the convenience of using such tools, you still need to follow certain rules for their use.

You will need
  • – hair dye;
  • – an old towel;
  • – gloves;
  • – comb;
  • – Glass or ceramic container for paint;
  • – Brush.
If your hair do not shine with perfect health or were subjected to a chemical wave, staining, then for a couple of weeks before the procedure, treat them with serums, folk remedies, balms and therapeutic shampoos. Splitting tips, dry and brittle after "chemistry" hair better to shear.

Do not wash your head until it stains for at least a day. The secret secreted by the scalp will protect your head during the procedure.

When purchasing a dyeing agent, be sure to do a sensitivity test and no allergy. Do it necessary for the day before the procedure, applying a little money to the thin sensitive skin behind the ear or on the elbow. After a day, evaluate the result.

Если нет аллергии, приготовьте состав для окрашивания, используя для этого керамическую или стеклянную посуду. Все компоненты средства тщательно вымешайте до однородной массы и сразу же начинайте использование. Готовое средство не подлежит хранению.

Wrap a towel or an oilcloth on your shoulders so that you do not paint clothes together. Wear plastic or latex gloves so that you do not have to wash your hands of paint for a few days. Conveniently arrange in front of the mirror.

Use a brush to apply the product and carefully staining individual strands. Paint first one side of the head, then the other. And the application of the composition should begin from the occipital region. For ease of application on the back of the head, use the help of a friend or put another mirror behind you. The direction of coloring of each strand is from the root to the tip.

Выдерживайте время окрашивания, указанное на упаковке средства. Существуют разные виды красок для волос – инновационные муссы, которые необходимо наносить лишь на 10 минут, оттеночные бальзамы и шампуни – 10-30 минут, стойкие краски – от 30 до 50 минут, щадящие полустойкие красители – 20-30 минут, растительные – хна и басма, которые необходимо выдерживать на волосах до 3 часов.

If you need to "update" overgrown roots (that is, if hair previously subjected to the procedure of staining), act differently. Apply the paint only on the roots of the hair, leave for 20 minutes. Then spread the remaining paint along the entire length, then comb the hair with a comb so that the product is evenly distributed. And leave another minute on 10.

After the work is done, go under the shower. Moisten the head, whip-foaming agent on the hair, and then rinse with plenty of warm water. Finally, use a balm that more often всего прилагается к каждой пачке краски. Он не только закрепит результат, но и нивелирует неблагоприятные последствия окрашивания.

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