How to dye hair without paint

How to dye hair without paint
Among the natural means for dyeing hair, henna has always occupied the first place. It is obtained from the leaves of the shrub of Lawsonia inermis, which grows in the hot climate of India, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Kenya. Henna in combination with other natural ingredients can color hair in many shades. In this case, unlike chemical agents, it has the most beneficial effect on hair, making them strong, strong, shiny.

You will need
  • – henna;
  • – basma;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – water;
  • – Ceramic or glass container;
  • – Shower cap or film;
  • – a towel;
  • – hair conditioner;
  • – chamomile;
  • – ревень;
  • – carnation;
  • – saffron;
  • – cranberry juice;
  • – Carkad;
  • – Cahors;
  • – tea;
  • – ground coffee.
To give dark hair a rusty hue, use natural henna. The technology is simple: in a ceramic bowl, mix henna thoroughly with hot (70-75 degrees Celsius) water to the consistency of "liquid gruel" (the ratio is about 1: 2), add a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Allow to cool slightly, then apply to clean and slightly damp hair. Wrap the head with a film or put on a shower cap, and on top warm it with a towel.

Wait the staining time – from 10 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Then rinse with warm water and use a hair conditioner. After the procedure, you can not wash your hair with shampoo until 3 days. Henna will not only color hair, но и сделает их более ухоженными, избавит от перхоти и выпадения. Только стоит помнить, что окрашенная хной шевелюра не «примет» ни одну химическую краску для волос, пока цвет не смоется полностью.

Смешайте хну с басмой в пропорциях 1:1 для получения на волосах каштанового натурального оттенка. 2 части натуральной хны и 1 часть басмы окрасят вашу шевелюру в бронзовый цвет, а 1 часть порошка хны и 2 части басмы в иссиня-черный. Не используйте басму как самостоятельный краситель, если не хотите щеголять синей или сине-зеленой прической.

Brew henna infusion of chamomile (0,5 cup of boiling water with 1 tablespoon of chamomile to let it brew for half an hour) – and the shade on your hair will turn golden. And when mixed with cloves (10 gram of spice on 100 grams of finished henna mash) – more vivid.

Give your hair a hint of honey. To do this, add the infusion of saffron into henna. Prepare it simply: a few stamen spices boil in 60 milliliters of water a couple of minutes, then pour the broth into henna. The same shade can be achieved if you crush 20 grams of rhubarb, add water and protect the mixture 20 minutes on a small fire. Then it must be filtered and added to henna.

Color hair in the noble color of mahogany with henna and cranberry juice. Before the procedure, lubricate hair berry juice and let dry. Then apply henna henna, which is added the same cranberry juice, and soak up the necessary time.

Get a reddish hue on your hair, divorcing henna not water, but warmed up to 70 degrees Celsius Cahors. After dyeing your hair will acquire a chestnut color with a touch of cherry. Cahors can be replaced by a thick hot infusion carcade.

Become the owner of a natural chestnut shade of hair, dyeing them with henna, with the addition of rhubarb. Dry crushed rhubarb leaves (3 grams) add to henna powder, then follow the procedure as usual.

You will get a light chestnut color if you add strong tea (3 teaspoons of tea to a glass of boiling water) or strong natural coffee (not soluble!) In henna.

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