How to dye hair with tea

How to dye hair with tea
Tea can be used not only as a tonic drink, but also for cosmetic purposes. It is perfect for dark-haired and light-haired girls who want to emphasize the natural beauty of their hair.

You will need
  • – water;
  • – Black tea;
  • – dried walnut leaves;
  • – white or red wine;
  • – onion husk;
  • – plastic bag;
  • – terry towel;
  • – chamomile;
  • – Henna.
You can color your hair with a copper color. To do this, two tablespoons of walnut dried leaves mix with the same amount of black tea, then pour this mixture with ? liter of boiling water and cook over a low heat for twenty minutes. After insisting the broth for a quarter of an hour, strain it.

Для усиления насыщенности тона вместо листьев орехов возьмите луковую шелуху. Приготовьте настой: двести граммов шелухи лука и две столовые ложки черного чая всыпьте в ? литра белого вина (если у вас темные волосы, понадобится красное вино), после чего кипятите в течение двадцати минут. Готовый отвар нанесите на чистые волосы, накройте их пакетом и укутайте махровым полотенцем, а через сорок минут ополосните волосы.

To get a chestnut shade, steal two tablespoons of black granulated tea in half liters of boiling water, and then it needs to be tormented over low heat for twenty-five minutes. Apply the decoction to damp hair, cover them with a cellophane bag and wrap them in a towel. In order to get the desired shade of brown, keep the broth on the hair from fifteen to forty minutes.

To get a light shade, use chamomile tea. To lighten hair with such "paint", rinse them with chamomile tea after each washing of the head.

Hair coloring can be done with tea in combination with other ingredients. For example, if the tea is mixed with henna, the shade will turn out to be saturated, and the color will stay for a long time.

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